January, 2018
Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)

 Tohru Asami,

Happy New Year!

ATR was founded in 1986 as a unique corporation with the mission of conducting future-looking basic research, designed by its establishment meeting including the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, NTT, Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), Kansai Economic Federation, various universities, and other partners. The company’s initial funding came from an equity investment backed by government-owned shares issued with the privatization of NTT, and the investment by private companies. As a core research institute in Keihanna (the Kansai Bunka Kagaku Science City), ATR has been promoting pioneering and advanced research and development in information and communication technologies through active research exchanges and collaborative research with universities, research institutes, and enterprises in Japan and overseas. Work in recently tackled research fields, such as brain information science, life-support robots, life science, and wireless communication, is focused on applications for healthcare and social support, aiming to achieve a long-held national goal: ‘a healthy longevity society.’

At the time of our launch, ATR published reports on TDNN (Time Delay Neural Network) as our basic research outcome in the field of speech recognition. This has led to deep neural networks, an icon of recent AI, and, at a practical level, pattern recognition technology. We are now at the stage of advancing new research that leverages these tools. Currently, ATR is recognized as a research base for artificial intelligence in the Keihanna area, and we promote many government-funded commissioned research projects. Through collaboration with various universities, research institutes such as RIKEN, and companies within and outside of Japan, we are achieving the world’s top research results. Now, we are actively pursuing the expansion and commercialization of our R&D outcomes.

I warmly appreciate your continued support.