ATR Open House



We perform an introduction of the highlight of the display. Please drop in.

Thursday, October 26

13:15~13:25  Display: Highlight introduction

13:25~13:30  Keihanna ATR fund

13:30~13:35  Keihanna Research-Complex

13:35~13:40  TORAY CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd.・ATR Aguri project

Thursday, October 27

10:15~10:25  Display: Highlight introduction

10:25~10:30  Keihanna ATR fund

10:30~10:35  Keihanna Research-Complex

10:35~10:40  Supreme System Co., Ltd.

10:40~10:45  Smart Finder

10:45~11:00  BLUE INNOVATION Co., Ltd.

❈Please note that the content is subject to change without prior notice.


※During holding time, you can go in and out of a place freely.

*We are expecting to be interviewed by the media during the event.Please acknowledge it beforehand that there is a possibility that customers will be reflected in images and pictures.