ATR Open House



Research and Development

❖ Computational Neuroscience ❖

「Brain Networks Underlying Cognitive Functions」

Predicting Working Memory Ability
∼A Transdiagnostic Approach∼
Development of Functional Connectivity Neurofeedback Training
∼Changing the Cognitive Function by Changing the Connectivity∼
Large-Scale Brain Database
∼Open-Access Brain Data∼
Computational Model of Face Recognition in the Primate Visual System
∼AI Approach to Brain Research∼
Development of a Habit Forming System
∼For Maintaining Cognitive Functions of the Elderly∼
Development of Neuroimaging Analysis Methods
∼fMRI Analysis for Understanding Individual Difference∼

「Understanding Brain Function and BMI」

Decoding Neural Signals
∼Realizing Brain Communications∼
Machine Learning for Assistive Robot Control Based on State Observation
∼Toward Human Motor Learning with Robot System∼
Deep Reinforcement Learning
∼Learning to Play Video Games Using Deep Neural Networks∼
Neurofeedback Therapy for PTSD
∼Processing the Traum∼
Consciousness in Reinforcement Learning
∼Probing the Functions of Consciousness∼

「Data Analysis Technology for Human Brain Research」

Open Source Software: VBMEG
∼Visualizing Brain Activities with High Spatio-Temporal Resolution∼
Brain Dynamics Estimation via Multi-Modal Integration
∼Visualizing Signal Transmission of the Human Brain Network∼
Hierarchical Bayesian Diffuse Optical Tomography
∼Improving Spatial Resolution of Near Infrared Spectroscopy∼

❖ Life-supporting Robots ❖

「Daily Life Support Robots」

Low-speed Autonomous Mobility System with Efficient Utilization of Radio Resources
∼Robots and Wheelchairs that let Users Walk Together∼
Commercialization of Robot Service Platform Technology
Smart Network Robot that can be Programmed by Shop Clerks
∼Service Robots and Robot Signage in Crowded Social Environment∼
Crowd Simulator for Robot Services
∼HRI Simulation for Facilitating the Development Process for Social Robots∼
Tele-presence Robot for Interacting with Babies and Toddlers
Development of Autonomous Android that can naturally talk with People based on its Intention and Desire

「Life support robots with brain activity feedback」

Health Support based on Brain Information and Interaction with a Robot
∼Life support robots with brain activity feedback∼

「Measurement Technology for Supporting Daily Life」

Driver Behavior Analysis in Automated Driving Vehicles

❖ Wireless Communications ❖

「Efficient Radio Resource Utilization by Adaptive Spectrum Use」

Simultaneous Transmission over Multiple License-Exempt Bands
∼Toward Dense Utilization of Valuable Radio Resources∼
Frequency Resource Exploration Technique for 5G
∼Dynamic Spectrum Sharing in Spatial and Temporal Domains∼
Performance Evaluation of 5G Indoor Environment
∼Participation in Comprehensive 5G Empirical Study∼
Small Area Wireless R&D Project
∼Coexistence of Various Wireless Systems in a Factory∼

「Utilization of Wireless Technology for Various Applications」

Effective Use of LifeLog for Healthcare
∼Making the best use of LifeLog for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression∼

❖ Life science ❖

「Research Purpose」

ERATO SATO Live Bio-Forecasting
∼Development of More Efficient and Effective Diagnostic and Therapeutic Methods∼
The Introduction of the Lab

「Demystifying Biological Principle」

Re-evaluating Functional Landscape of the Cardiovascular System During Development
Mapping and Decoding Body-wide Gene Expression Patterns in Mouse Models of Human Diseases
Basic Knowledge of Life Science
Remote Reprogramming of Hepatic Circadian Transcriptome by Breast Cancer

Business Development

❖ Affiliate companies ❖

「ATR-Promotions Inc.」

BAIC Supports Brain Research Through High Quality Technology and Skills
Privacy Conscious Approach to Security and Marketing
∼Application of 3D Lidar∼
Application of Biosignal Measurement Using Sensor
∼Measurement of Fatigue and Stress Level∼
AI World Enabled by DATA
∼ATR Spoken Language Database & Their Applications∼

「ATR Learning Technology」

Let's learn English on ATR CALL system
∼Pronounce and memorize.!∼

「ATR Trek」

Supporting Human Communication with Speech Translation Technology
∼Speech Recognition and Machine Translation Technologies∼

❖ Venture company ∼けいはんなATRファンド∼ ❖
Telenoid Planning,Inc.
Blue innovation Inc.
Yukai Engineering Inc.
Fit Inc.
Supreme System Co., Ltd.
Aidea Inc. 
ATR-Incubator Corporation 

❖ Other Exhibiting Companies ❖
AI, Inc.
Nippon Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Green Farm co.,ltd.
The Sand CultureSociety of Japan
Synergy Marketing, Inc.

Cooperative Event

Drone Training Center  

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