Awards List 2017

Here is the list of the major awards received in 2017. As the Center of Excellence, the research activities at ATR are internationally acclaimed and highly expected.

Presented by
Award name
Award winner
10/12 NEC C&C Foundation C&C Prize Mitsuo Kawato
10/12 Japanese Neural Network Society Academic Award Mitsuo Kawato
9/13 The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communications Engineers (IEICE) Communications Society Distinguished Contributions Award Kazuto YANO
6/1 The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers(IEICE) Best Paper Award Akio Hasegawa
5/19 IEICE Communications Society IEICE Communications Society Excellent Paper Award 2016 [Best Tutorial Paper Award] Kazuto Yano
Satoshi Tsukamoto
Satoshi Sonobe
Yafei Hou
Takahiro Maeda
Hiroshi Ban
Masahiro Uno
Kiyoshi Kobayashi
4/14 連合大会奨励賞 Kansai-section Joint Convention of Institutes of Electrical Engineering Yasuhiro KOMIZU
Hisato IWAI
Hiroyuki SHINBO