ATR Open House 2018

Date & Time:Thu, October 25th, 2018 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Fri, October 26th, 2018 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Research and Development

Computational Neuroscience


Brain Networks Underlying Cognitive Functions

Normal Aging in Functional Brain Networks

― A Whole-Brain Architecture Characterized Both with Nodes and Edges ―

Analysis of Big Neuroimaging Data

― Development of Harmonization Method for Multi-Site Data ―

Construction and Utilization of Large-Scale Brain Image Database

― Introduction of Multivariate Analysis of Neural and Behavioral Data ―

Computational Model and Neural Substrate of Habitual Repetitive Behavior

― Introduction of Researches about Mental Disorder ―

Individual Difference of Brain Associated with Creative Insight

― Brain Volume and Functional Connectivity ―

Physical-World Question Answering

― Intelligent Machines that Learn and Think about Worlds Using Language ―

Portable Brain-Machine Interface and Analysis of Daily Activities

― Towards Neuro Technologies in Real Environments ―

Understanding Brain Function and BMI

Deep Image Reconstruction from Human Brain Activity

― Visualizing Mental Contents ―

Decoding Neural Signals

― Realizing Brain Communications ―

Behavior Learning from Reward and Punishment

― Development of Parallel Reinforcement Learning Architecture ―

Evaluating Rehabilitation Robots at Multiple Clinical Sites

― Concretizing Needs in the Site by Utilizing Bio-Mechatronics ―

A Predator Odor Affects Humans

― By Enhancing Fear Memory Strength ―

Unlocking the Brain's Learning Algorithm

― The Role of Cognition ―

Data Analysis Technology for Human Brain Research

Open Source Software: VBMEG/p>

― Visualizing Brain Activities with High Spatio-Temporal Resolution ―

Brain Dynamics Estimation via Multi-Modal Integration

― Visualizing Signal Transmission of the Human Brain Network ―

Hierarchical Bayesian Diffuse Optical Tomography

― Improving Spatial Resolution of Near Infrared Spectroscopy ―

Life-supporting Robots


Daily Life Support Robots

Low-speed Autonomous Mobility System with Efficient Utilization of Radio Resources

― Robots and Wheelchairs that let Users Walk Together ―

Crowd Simulator for Robot Services

― HRI Simulation for Facilitating the Development Process for Social Robots ―

Networked Robotics Museum

Development of Autonomous Android that can Naturally Have a Casual Conversation

Life Support Robots with Brain Activity Feedback

Life Support Robots with Brain Activity Feedback

Measurement Technology for Supporting Daily Life

Health Support based on Brain Information and Interaction with a Robot

Wireless Communications


Efficient Radio Resource Utilization by Adaptive Spectrum Use

Simultaneous Transmission over Multiple License-Exempt Bands

― Toward Dense Utilization of Valuable Radio Resources ―

Small Area Wireless R&D Project

― Coexistence of Various Wireless Systems in a Factory ―

Spectrum Sharing Technique by Using Communication System Estimation

― Making the Best Use of Spectrum Considering Radio Wave Utilization and Range ―

Utilization of Wireless Technology for Various Applications

Demonstration Test for the Realization of The 5th Generation Mobile Communications (5G)

― New Experiences Using High-Speed Communication in Railway Stations or Stadiums ―

Security and Privacy for the IoT Generation

Wireless Power Transmission via Radio Wave

― Wireless Technology for Battery-less Systems ―

Life Science


Research Purpose

ERATO SATO Live Bio-Forecasting

― Development of More Efficient and Effective Diagnostic and Therapeutic Methods ―

The Introduction of the Lab

Demystifying Biological Principle

The Body-wide Transcriptome Landscape of Disease Models 1

― Biomarkers for Diseases and/or Molecular Targets for Therapeutics ―

The Body-wide Transcriptome Landscape of Disease Models 2

― Biomarkers for Diseases and/or Molecular Targets for Therapeutics ―

Mechanisms Underlying Tumor-liver Interaction

― Toward Understanding on How Tumors Adversely Affects the Host ―

Business Development

Affiliate Companies


ATR-Promotions Inc.

Total Support of Brain Imaging Studies

― From Basic Research to Applications ―

High Precision Human Tracking Using 3D ToF Sensor

― Application to Security and Marketing ―

Gait Analysis Using Mems Sensor

― Application to Health Care ―

Introduction of ATR Corpora New Products

ATR Learning Technology

Brush up Your English by ATR CALL's Pronunciation Training Program

ATR Trek

Supporting Human Communication with Speech Translation Technology

― Speech Recognition and Machine Translation Technologies ―

Venture companies ― Keihanna ATR Fund ―


Blue innovation Inc.

Yukai Engineering Inc.

Fit Inc./SoccerRobo Co.Ltd.

Supreme System Co., Ltd.

Aidea Inc.

A. I. Viewlife co. ltd.

WaveArrays Inc.

BackTech Inc.

Logbar Inc.

ATR-Incubator Corporation

Other Exhibiting Companies


Telenoid Healthcare Company

AI, Inc.

Nippon Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

General Incorporated Association Japan UAS Industrial Development Association

Synergy Marketing, Inc.


Green Farm co.,ltd.

The Sand Culture Society of Japan

Vstone Co.,Ltd.


Promotion of Physical and Mental Health by Raised-floor Style Agriculture

― Through Regional and Global Cooperation ―

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