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Nov.6(Fri)  7(Sat) , 2009

Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)
2-2-2 Hikaridai Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0288 Japan

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Program :
■■■ Friday November 6, 2009■■■
  [10:00〜13:40:Recture(Place "KEIHANNA PLAZA Main Conference Room(Nile)")]*Please be careful.
■■■ Saturday November 7, 2009■■■

■■■ Poster : ■■■
ATR Laboratories
Computational Neuroscience Laboratoris : CNS
*Representation in the Brain
*Understanding Complex Perceptual Motor Skills
*Brain Machine Interface Using Simultaneous EEG and NIRS Recordings
*Controlling Robots by Thoughts
*Connecting a Brain with a Humanoid
*Evaluation of a Human Like Adaptive Control Mechanism on a Humanoid
*Towards Human-Like Robot Behavior
*Decoding Neural Signals
*Motor Control and Rehabilitaion

Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories : IRC
*Investigation of Human Presence using Tele-Operated Android "Geminoid"
*Ambient Intelligence Map based on Human Behavior
*Ubiquitous Network Robots based on Multipoint Cooperation and Cordination
*Analyzing Eldery's Diving Behaviors for Safe Driving
*Tactile sensor for dextrous manipulation

Media Information Science Laboratories : MIS
*AniFace: Lip-synch Animation Technique and it’s Application
*Research and Development about Ubiquitous Service Platform
*HoRUS : A Resource Oriented User Profile Data Repository
*A Demonstration Program of User Profile Controller
*Evaluation of the Effect of 3D Display on the Human Body
*Designing Manuals based on Human Cognition

Adaptive Communications Research Laboratories : ACR
*To Prevent Traffic Accidents by Inter-Vehicle Communications
*Fast Response Inter-Vehicle Communications for Safe Driving
*Demonstrarion of Fast Response Inter-Vehicle Communications for Safe Driving
*Fast Response Wireless Mesh Networks
*Public-Private Cooperative Cognitive Radio Access Networks

Wave Engineering Laboratories : WEL
*Multi-Gigabit Wireless LAN System@ -Overview-
*Multi-Gigabit Wireless LAN SystemA -Demonstration experiment-
*Radio Resource Sharing Technologies among Radio Access Networks I -Overview-
*Radio Resource Sharing Technologies among Radio Access Networks II -High power efficiency transmitter architecture-
*Radio Resource Sharing Technologies among Radio Access Networks III -Strong interference rejection technology-
*Wireless harness in ICT equipments -Overview-
*Ultra Compact & High-Precision Rotation Sensor Chips -Semiconductor Laser Gyros-

ATR Group Companies
ATR-Promotions Inc.
*Introduction to ATR group
*ATR Technologies with you
*Software for annotation with synchronus video play-back “SyncPlay”
*Morphing your face to animal  (11/7 Only)
*Interactive guide system for tourism and museums on mobiles

ATR-Robotics Inc.
*Create your own robot with a new “Robovie-nano”“Robovie-PC”
*Your challenge sumo the small ”Robie”  (11/7 Only)

ATR-Trek Co., Ltd.
*A speech translation system for mobile phone ' Shabette Hon-yaku '

ATR Learning Technology Corporation
*Computer assisted language learning system “ATR CALL BRIX”

ATR-Sensetech Inc.
*Automatic evaluation system on safety driving skill “Objet”

[A special exhibition]
*Brain Research at ATR (Brain Activity Imaging Center・Computational NeuroscienceLaboratories)
*Brain Research at ATR -History-
*Brain Research at ATR -Outcome-
*ATR Brain Activity Imaging Center
*Tools for Brain Imaging Studies
*Neuro Consulting Service
*Neuro Imaging Plat Form (NIMG-PF)
*Association for Applied Aspects of Neuroscience
*Brain Research at ATR -Video clips-
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■■■ Recture : ■■■
[Place:KEIHANNA PLAZA Main Conference Room(Nile)]

Dr. Yasuo Hirata

Field test of Geminoid in Europe- Integration of Art and Technology -
Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro
Head of Department of Communication Robot, Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories, ATR

Cognitive Radio and Its Practical Use
- Towards Comfortable Internet Access -

Dr. Tetsuro Ueda
Director of Adaptive Communications Research Laboratories, ATR

Utility and Problem by Using Switching in Radio and Antenna Systems Dr. Makoto Taromaru
Head of Wireless Communication Systems, Wave Engineering Laboratories, ATR

Dr. Masayoshi Ohashi
Director of Media Information Science Laboratories, ATR

Method for neural mind-reading
Dr. Yukiyasu Kamitani
Head of Department of Neuroinformatics, Computational Neuroscience Laboratories, ATR

Supporting Neuroimaging Studies by ATR Brain Activity Imaging Center
Dr. Shinobu Masaki
Director of ATR-Promotions Manager of BAIC Division
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