October 29th (Thur.)
15:15~15:45 ATR’s R&D activities and commercialization of R&D results:
Dr. Yasuo Hirata, President

October 30th (Fri.)

13:00~13:30 Commercialization of the research seeds through Keihanna ATR Fund

Dr. Hiroyuki Suzuki
Strategic Management Unit and Business Development Office, Senior Vice President

13:30~14:00 Expansion and application of Neurofeedback

Dr. Mitsuo Kawato
Director of Brain Information Communication Research Laboratory Group, ATR Fellow
Dr. Yuki SAKAI
Department of Neural Computation for Decision-making

14:00~14:20 Development and application toward rehabilitation of the exoskeleton robo

Head of Department of Brain Robot Interface

14:20~14:40 Understanding and leading of driving behavior

Dr. Akira Utsumi
Head of Department of Ambient Intelligence

14:40~15:00 The effects and application of minimal design to transfer human presence

Dr. Hidenobu SUMIOKA
Group Leader of Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories

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