《President's Lecture》

November 10th (Thur.)
15:15~15:45 ATR's R&D and commercialization activities
Dr. Yasuo Hirata, President

《Theme Lecture》

November 11th (Fri.)

13:00~13:30 Building the ATR co-innovation ecosystem

Dr. Hiroyuki Suzuki
Strategic Management Unit and Business Development Office, Senior Vice President

13:30~14:00 AI and Brain Science

Dr. Mitsuo Kawato
Director of Brain Information Communication Research Laboratory Group, ATR Fellow

14:00~14:30 Smart Networked Robotics

Dr. Norihiro Hagita
Director of Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories, ATR Fellow

14:30~15:00 R&D Activities toward Realization of Epoch-Making Wireless Systems

Dr. Tomoaki Kumagai
Director of Wave Engineering Laboratories

《Young Researcher's Talk》
November 10th (Thur.)

15:50~16:05 Development of Upper/Lower extremity exoskeleton robot with toward BMI

Dr. Tomoyuki Noda,Senior Researcher
Computational Neuroscience Laboratories. Department of Brain Robot Interface

16:05~16:20 Social robots for child care and elderly care supports

Dr. Head Masahiro Shiomi,Group Leader
Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories. Department of Agent Interaction Design

November 11th (Fri.)

15:05~15:20 Effective Use of LifeLog for Healthcare

Dr. Nao Kawanishi,Researcher
Adaptive Communications Research Laboratories. Department of Smart Networks

15:20~151:35 Decoding biological contexts: towards novel anti-cancer therapeutics

Dr. Shinpei Kawaoka,Senior Researcher
The Thomas N. Sato BioMEC‐X Laboratories

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