Computational Neuroscience

Develop Brain Machine Interface(BMI)that forms the basis for various ICT technologies accessible to all,by applying our obtained knowledge through understanding the function of the brain.

Computational Neuroscience Laboratories:CNS

–Toward Understanding Brain Function Using a Computational Approach–
We aim to understand the brain function through computationalneuroscience and to develop a Brain Machine Interface (BMI) for recovery of motor functions in humans as technology for IT and clinical applications.

Cognitive Mechanisms Laboratories:CMC

–Toward Understanding High-Order Brain Functions–
We investigate the mechanisms for high-order brain functions by support robots, robotic services, and user-friendly robot interfaces designed to help elderly and physically challenged people live with greater independence and promote a more socially-active lifestyle.

Neural Information Analysis Laboratories:NIA

–Analyze Brain Functions Using Statistical and Machine Learning Theory–
The goal of our research is to develop analysis tools to clarify human brain functions and communication techniques based on brain activities.