Nov.11th(Fri) 12th(Sat), 2011
11th(Fri) 10:00 ~ 17:00
12th(Sat)10:00 ~ 15:00


Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)
2-2-2 Hikaridai Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0288 Japan
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Poster Session [Nov/11th(Fri),Nov/12th(Sat)]

Computational Neuroscience Laboratories

Decoding Neural Signals

Motor Control, Learning and Rehabilitation

Humanoid Robot Motor Learning

Exoskeleton Robot That Can Balance

Cognitive Mechanisms Laboratories

Prediction of Human Performance from Brain Activity

Neural Information Analysis Laboratories

Toward Network BMI for Brain Decoding in Real Environments

Combining Multimodal Brain Measurements

Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories

Ubiquitous Network Robots based on Multipoint Cooperation and Cordination

Human-Robot Symbiosis

Cognitive Approach to Designing Manuals

Evaluation of 3D Image on the Human Visual Function

Location based Automatic Vital Data Collection

Sharing Driver's Cognitive Status For Safty Traffic

Enabling a Mobile Social Robot to Adapt to a Public Space in a City

Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories

House of Android

Studies on Teleoperated Androids Transmitting Human Presence

Adaptive Communications Reserch Laboratories

Public-Private Cooperative Cognitive Radio Access Networks

Demonstration of Smooth Mobile Internet Access by Heterogeneous Wireless Media

Pedestrian-to-Vehicle Communications for Pedestrian Safety

Radio-On-Demand Networks: Reducing Electric Power Consumption in Wireless Communications

Demonstration of On-Demand Activation of Green Wireless LAN Systems

Fast Response Wireless Multi-Hop Networks

Relative Positioning with Cooperation among Mobile Nodes

Towards Context-Aware Services in Ubiquitous Network

Wave Engineering Laboratories

Nonlinear Multiuser MIMO Technology for High-Capacity Wireless Communications

Development of Variable Directional Antenna for Land Mobile Radio System

R&D on Efficient Spectrum Sharing Technologies
- Toward Better Usage of Radio Resources -

R&D on Dynamic Polarization and Frequency Control Technologies for High-Capacity Satellite Communications

Wireless Communication in ICT Equipments

R&D challenges for exploiting new radio resources

ATR-Promotions・ATR Group Companies

Promoting Activities of ATR Technology by Group Companies

Robovie's Guide to the Exhibition Area

Open Lab Supporting Neuroimaging Researchers

Walking Around with Illustrated Map “Stroly” 

Portable Wireless Hybrid Sensor Ⅱ “WAA-010”

Software for Hybrid Sensor & Visual Data“SDRecorder”

A Speech Translation System for Smartphone

Automatic Evaluation System on Safety Driving Skill “Objet”

Computer Assisted Language Learning System “ATR CALL BRIX”

Digital Cabinet –Creative Card System-

Lecture [Nov/11th(Fri)]

【Special Lecture】


What the Android-Human Theater is
Oriza Hirata (Playwright, Professor of Osaka University)

【Research and Development Lecture】


Current Situation of R&D and bussiness of ATR
Yasuo Hirata(President of ATR)


Enabling a Mobile Social Robot to Adapt to a Public Space in a City.
Takayuki Kanda (Senior Researcher of Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories)


Radio-On-Demand Networks: Reducing Electric Power Consumption in Wireless Communications
Yoshihisa Kondo (Researcher of Advaptive Communications Research Laboratories)


R&D Challenges for Eexploiting New Radio Resources
Kiyoshi Kobayashi(Director of Wave Engineering Laboratories)


Development of Automatic Evaluation System of Driving Skill and Its Application
Masahiro Tada(Researcher of Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories)


Innovation by Network BMI---Toward Life Support in Daily Livings
Shin Ishii(Department Head of Neural Information Analysys Laboratories)


Connecting Brains with Robots
Jun Morimoto(Department Head of Computational Neuroscience Laboratories)


Towards Providing Useful Information to Users at the Best Time and Place by Predicting Internal State from Brain Activities
Noriko Yamagishi(Senior Researcher of Cognitive Mechanisms Laboratories)

◎The following lecture will be held in Keihanna Information and Communication Research Fair 2011

10:30- (Venue : Keihanna Plaza)

ATR CALL: The English Teaching e-Learning System Based on ATR's Spoken Language Technology
Reiko Yamada(Chief Technology Officer of ATR Learning Technology Corporation)