June 2022
Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)


Tohru Asami, 
 ATR aims to achieve pioneering and original research, in healthcare/medical care, community enhancement, and other basic social services. This work will be pursued in the fields of brain informatics, interaction science, wireless communication technology, and life sciences, in close collaboration with universities and companies within and outside of Japan. Unlike the time of ATR’s foundation 30 years ago, when speech translation was a dream, ICT technologies have now become a social infrastructure, and research and development must be pursued while considering the market and society that demand these technologies.
 The world is drastically changing. Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which started in February, has shaken the framework of the United Nations, the foundation of the postwar regime. The COVID-19 pandemic, which started in Wuhan, has passed three years and, like many other infectious diseases, is heading toward an endemic status within society. On the other hand, Japanese society has not seen growth in GDP or income for the past quarter of a century, and it is no longer possible to inspire a stagnant society with just a grab bag of buzzwords such as e-Japan or DX. In addition, the foundation of the safety and security we have been seeking has turned out to be fragile.
 Society has not changed as expected because technology alone is not enough for innovation. The people who use the technology have to change. Struggling against COVID-19, we have depended too much on administrative measures and have little willingness to work autonomously as individuals and in local communities. Our bright future will not come if we leave our destiny for others to live.
 ATR focuses on the people who make up society and aims to empower people with the technology that allows them to improve their own personal abilities and quality of life. In an aging society with a declining birthrate, there are many issues to face, such as one’s reason to live and the coexistence of humans and robots. We aim to contribute to innovation and regional revitalization in the public interest, which has been our corporate philosophy since our establishment. We promote technology that supports the needs of the next society in lockstep with research and business development.
I warmly thank you for your continued support.

Tohru Asami, President