Deep Interaction Science

We are trying to deeply understand the interaction between human-human and human-robots, in order to realize a human-robot symbiotic society.

Interaction Technology Bank:ITB

–Social Implementation of Deep Interaction Science–
We are conducting joint research with various companies to socially implement research results of Deep Interaction Science to create services and products that enrich people's lives.

Interaction Science Laboratories:ISL

–Science and Technology for Cognitive Interaction with Network Robots–
We are investigating a principle of cognitive interaction through R&D of network robots that has social intelligence. We are dealing with social-touch and moral interaction for robots, and active social participation with Cyberneyic Avatars.

Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories:HIL

–Studies on Androids Living together with Humans in the Real World–
We develop autonomous social robots that can kindly communicate with multiple persons in social context, and study to facilltate human's leaning capabilities and energetic life by means of tele-operated androids.

Norihiro Hagita Laboratories:NHL

–Exploring Deep Interaction Science Research Areas–
We are exploring new research areas in collaboration with researchers from different fields to indicate the potential of Deep Interaction Science.