Computational Neuroscience

Develop novel Brain Machine Interface(BMI)inspired by our knowledge of brain functions, to form the basis for innovative technologies accessible to all.

Computational Neuroscience Laboratories:CNS

–Toward Understanding brain function using a computational approach–
We aim to understand brain functions through computational modelling, and develop Brain Machine Interfaces (BMI) leading to improved AI and clinical applications , such as for the recovery of motor functions in humans.

Cognitive Mechanisms Laboratories:CMC

–Toward Understanding High-Order Brain Functions–
We investigate the mechanisms for high-order brain functions by utilizing advanced technologies for the measurement of brain activity as well as manipulation of brain activity based on neurofeedback, Our results enhance human communications and the development of natural human-machine interfaces.

Neural Information Analysis Laboratories:NIA

–Toward Co-evolution of Brain and Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning-based Methodology–
We aim to provide new machine leaning-based methods to understand brain functions and to induce co-evolution of brain and artificial intelligence(AI), hence leading to developmant of novel AI technologies that mimic brain functions.