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Mr. Jean-François Benon, Managing Director/CEO, Comité d'Expansion Economique du Val d'Oise (CEEVO), France, visited ATR on July 2.
Initiatives to develop Keihanna Global Open Innovation Ecosystem and sand cultivation greenhouse were presented. Opinions were exchanged toward promotion of collaboration.
Delegation of Mirai Innovation Research Internship Program from Mexico visited ATR on June 25.
Initiatives to develop Keihanna Global Open Innovation Ecosystem, and ATR - NRC collaborative research on training to prevent cognitive decline in elderly, etc. were presented.

Redefining Robotics: Enhancing Human Interaction with the World’s Most Humanoid Android
- A New Era of Robotics Focused on Empathy and Understanding in Human-Robot Relations -
ATR and KiQ Inc. have issued a press release to the international media regarding the release of their latest robotic art installation "Shosa -Future Dialogue “. ⇒Press release

かまって「ひろちゃん」開発者向けモデル 「ひろちゃん-R」発売
~Raspberry Piやセンサー類を搭載し、多彩で効果的なプログラムの開発が可能に~
ATRと共同開発したヒーリングコミュニケーションデバイスに、制御基板や各種センサー、広角カメラ、サーボモーターを搭載した開発者向けモデルを(株)ヴィストンが販売開始、これまで以上に多彩な場面で活用することが可能となります。 ⇒Press release
TV program (June 24)
President Asami will appear on the following TV program.
1. Date & Time : Monday, June 24th, 19:30-20:00
2. Station: KBS Kyoto
3. Program: Attaka Kyoto (Kyoto Pref. NEWS)
  ※News will be aired at some point in the programs above.
4. Program URL:
*Note: The program contents may change without notice in cases of unforeseen circumstances.
On June 17th, we received a visit from a delegation including Ms. Aïda Diaz, Director of the International Programme at the Ministry of Research and Universities of the Government of Catalonia, and Prof. Jordi Llorca, Vice Rector of Research at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
We introduced activities to build the Keihanna Global Innovation Ecosystem and presented research in the fields of wireless technology, neuroscience, and robotics.

電気通信大学と共同で、リハビリ用ロボットのアシスト中の機械的透明性を高める技術を開発しました。本成果は5月13日よりパシフィコ横浜で開催されるロボティクス領域の主要国際会議ICRA2024に採択され、当該技術を搭載したロボットの展示とデモを行います。 ⇒Press release
Pioneer Garage, a student entrepreneurship group from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany visited ATR on April 9th.
Initiatives to develop Keihanna Global Open Innovation Ecosystem and avatar-symbiotic society project were presented.